In the Words of Our Patients

Left knee meniscectomy

Doctor and staff went above and beyond my expectations.

Daniel F.

Wonderful, life changing

I found the whole experience extremely simple and greatly satisfying. Dr. DeFelice answered every question I had and walked my wife and I through the entire process. Every prediction he told us clearly came through and we knew what to expect and what to do. His depth of knowledge and expertise was both comforting and re-assuring. Am pain free and walking/ hiking/ enjoying myself again.

Harry W.

Everyone involved with my care was impressive.

Delayed this surgery for a long time due to fear of infection and complications – had optimal outcome, very pleased and feel I had the right procedure in the right place. Thanks to all of you for your kind help!

Denise T.

Hamstring tear with large hematoma

The procedure greatly alleviated the pain. This happened just before Christmas and I greatly Dr. DiFelice efforts to get this surgery done. In one day, evaluation, clearance for other medical issues, surgery that evening. The timeliness of the surgery was important as to delay till after Christmas would have left me in a lot of pain for much longer and delaying to the later date such surgery may not have been useful.

John R.

Fractured femur – a recovery story

Dr DiFelice is a very experienced surgeon who immediately put me at ease. My fracture complications were pre-existing, and he was my third surgery. It was extremely successful – I am thrilled! For the first time since my accident 3 years back I feel that I am almost back to normal, and the scar is incredibly discrete. I will forever be truly grateful. Thank you.

Geraldine P.

Right Shoulder Arthroscopy

Dr DiFelice was very professional in his approach. He clearly explained the issue with my shoulder, performed surgery to clean it up. He explained the surgery and post-operative process and healing times to me so that there was no confusion on my part.


ACL Repair 14 year old gymnast

Dr. DiFelice is awesome! My 14 year old daughter tore her ACL and needed surgery. She is a competitive cheerleader and gymnast, so this was a huge set back for her. He performed a new type of surgery that was less invasive than the traditional surgery. Only a few short days after the surgery, my daughter was moving around with very little pain. She was at 100% strength and range of motion after only 7 weeks, and resumed activities after only 11 weeks!


Amazing Surgeon incredible recovery time

Dr. DiFelice impressed me from the minute I met him. His knowledge and confidence immediately put me at ease and made the decision to have a left side total hip replacement which I had been putting off due to my perception of the pain and recovery time. I am a 47 year old male and I was home walking with a walker in just under 24 hours. The discomfort is mild, more sore muscles than anything else. I would highly recommend Dr. DiFelice and suggest not putting off surgery as I did. He told me exactly what to expect and delivered.

Mark Pych - Hip

“Wonderful shoulder recovery!”

Wonderful shoulder recovery and I am happy to have the use of my arm as much as I do! I thought I’d be very limited but I’m not. It really doesn’t interfere with my life at all, I’m able to do almost everything. I think Dr. DiFelice did a wonderful job. Surgery went well and he was able to return the full use of my arm!


Successful Rotator Cuff Surgery

Dr. DiFelice is a very confident surgeon and made me feel that a full recovery was a real possibility. This was very important because I wanted to return to my active life. Four months post-op and I am confident that this will truly happen!

Ann C.

Shoulder Repair (Labrum and Rotator Cuff)

I had a great experience. The facilities were extremely well operated and clean. The doctor was thorough and accurate with his diagnosis. My condition has improved 10 fold within 6 weeks of surgery.


Great staff and surgeon.

Answered all my questions accurately. Staff always willing to help.

Peter P.

Total Knee Replacement

Extremely good. Everything went far beyond expectations.

Robert C.

“How lucky could I get if I fell down in a parking lot”

The ambulance took me to Jacobi Trauma Center where I waited 2 days for surgery. The day of the surgery. Dr. DiFelice introduced himself and said he would do the surgery even though he’s only there 1 day a week. How lucky was I that he did my total hip replacement with no complications, quick results and uneventful recovery. Now I’m back on my feet and being careful not to fall down. May this never happen to you but hope that Dr. DiFelice is in the neighborhood and Hospital for Special Surgery is the place to be. His work is incredible!


Path to a rapid recovery

My experience meeting Dr Gregory DiFelice was through my meniscus surgery and I must say he did an exceptional job. Was in and out of surgery within an hr and recovered without any issues and very little scaring. I was also very informed about the entire process and felt completely safe. If you have a hip, knee or shoulder injury I highly recommend Dr DiFelice and his staff.

Michael L.

SLAP Tear Surgery / Results

Dr Gregory DiFelice was very thorough explaining my condition and treatment necessary to fix my problem. I fell and landed on my elbow. The next morning my shoulder hurt. I waited a couple of months to see if it would heal on it’s own and it didn’t so I decided to see a doctor and get an MRI. The result was a SLAP tear and surgery was the only way to repair it. Dr. DiFelice cleaned up the tear without having to stitch the tear up and I have complete range of motion and am basically pain free in two months from my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. DiFelice to anyone suffering from such a diagnosis.

Robert G.

Back on track with my new knee!

I was very happy with my experience having gone through this with Dr, DeFelice at HSS. The Doctor explained everything to me and was very supportive. I especially liked his friendly manner. Everything went smoothly and I recovered quickly. I’m enjoying my active life again. Thank you HSS and Dr. DiFelice.

Jacquelyn F.


I am four weeks post shoulder surgery and I feel excellent and am responding well to pt. Dr. DiFelice is a straight shooter who I am very comfortable with as he also provides encouragement and what to expect as I age. I would highly recommend him as a Surgeon because I believe he is in an elite class of ORS’s and his “no nonsense” approach, is exactly what I needed. In addition his staff is very accommodating, polite and helpful with all steps of paperwork. Sincere thanks to Dr. D and his staff for helping me feel great again!

Chris F.

ACL surgery

I tore my ACL playing basketball. After I had the surgery and went through physical therapy I had no problems when I returned to sports 7 1/2 months after surgery.

Dean A.

Partial left knee replacement

I waited a year to get the surgery done and it was the best thing I ever did. The doctor was right on with his diagnosis and had me walking without anything in 2 days. The PT was long but very much needed. Thanks to all and if you need this type of surgery see Dr. DiFelice.

Cory J.

THR Total Hip Replacement

HSS was always the hospital of choice. Dr. DiFelice’s office in Paramus, NJ made the choice so easy. Pre-Op. and Post-Op. only minutes from my home. The HSS in NYC provided the most excellent, environment for the operation, with the procedure done by Dr. DiFelice. Couldn’t ask for any better doctor. My first waking hour after the surgery I was pain free. Will always remember the pain and discomfort before the amazing surgery. Thank you Dr. DiFelice!

Margery C.

Surgery for distal biceps repair

Awesome doctor. Dr. DiFelice completed the surgery with minimal side effects post surgery. I have basically full use of my arm. Great experience with all the office and support staff at the clinic, surgery, and follow up. Dr. DiFelice took the time to explain my diagnosis and my options for treatment. His warm and caring attitude made me and my wife feel comfortable and confident in his expertise. I’m back in the game at work and at home making progress on my honey-do list. I’m very grateful I found him and would recommend him highly.

Peter H.

Knee Replacement

Professional, courteous, knowledgeable. Staff was helpful, professional and considerate. Results are excellent!


Shoulder debridement

After long consideration and visits with several other doctors, I felt most comfortable with proceeding with Dr. DiFelice to perform my shoulder surgery. He took conservative measures first, before suggesting that surgery would help give me back the range of motion and be pain free. At three and half months, my range is almost complete and recoup has been easy. I appreciate the insight and the reminder to be patient.

Stephanie L.

I’m 83 and had a total knee replacement in June 2015.

Dr. DiFelice made me pain free and walking much better in 3 months. He takes time with you and is easy to talk to. He is willing to answer all of your questions and is very friendly when you are with him. His expertise was evident as I recovered without any setbacks. I would recommend him highly and with no reservations.

Elaine B.

Knee Surgery

I am so thankful. I was not able to walk without assistance for the two months prior to surgery. Now two months after my arthroscopic knee surgery, I have finished with therapy and am walking without pain or assistance.


Rotatory Cuff surgery

After waiting years of shoulder pain I finally could not take it anymore. Was scared of getting surgery due to the horror stories. I made the appointment with Dr Defelice and is diagnosis was right on. We set up surgery, pain was at a minimum after surgery and with in 2 months I was pretty much back to normal. I cannot say enough about the Dr and his staff.

John B.

When in Doubt… Do It !!!! Thanks to Dr DiFelice for Changing My World

Picture it…. Days before Thanksgiving 2015 43 years old, I played basketball like it was a religion, in good shape and overall healthy guy. Over the years it had become harder and harder to compete at the highest level (at least in my head it was the highest level). I decide to check out this persistent pain in my hip. Days before Thanksgiving, I learn that I have a fractured hip and need a hip replacement. At 43 there is no way I would need a hip replacement. I’m an athlete, I’m the cool guy who doesn’t even look 40 (again all in my head)….. I was devastated and thought to myself what a way to go into the holidays. I was referred to Dr. DiFelice and pretty much , sad, annoyed and scared. That all changed from the first call from Dr. DiFelice’s staff. They were kind, attentive, quick and got me in to see Dr. DiFelice right away. I appreciated Dr DiFelice’s “real talk” and ability to put me at ease about the procedure and post surgery. I had my reservations, but really didn’t have much of a choice… so I walked on faith and said screw it… it is what it is. Dr DiFelice went above and beyond to educate me about the process and made me comfortable about this happening… he did everything in his power to get me in as quickly as possible. He knew I had a big vacation to Brazil in March and I wanted to be able to attend my trip pain free. His team scrambled to work with his schedule to get me in before the Christmas holiday. I have not seen attention to detail and quality of service this spectacular… EVER. I think his team should be a case study of effective hospital care. I was able to get in and have the surgery on December 19th. You go through all kinds of thoughts. From your own mortality to darn it, I will never be the same. Once again Dr. DiFelice calmed me down, eased my fears. The surgery went smoothly. To be honest, I woke up nervous; what will this new hip be like? How much pain will I be in?… and was surprised because I felt minor pain or discomfort (hey, could have been the drugs–who knows). They had me up and walking around the hospital the first hour. I was out of the hospital in three days (i stretched it out—the service was that good), but also just a precaution. Only two weeks after the surgery I was moving around, slowly but to my surprise… Little pain and I actually felt pretty good. I even stopped using pain killers after the first week. I got stronger and stronger with physical therapy. One month after the surgery, no kidding, I was ready to go back to work. I felt great. Rested and literally feeling like a new man. I had my follow-up in six weeks and once again the team and Dr. DiFelice were amazing. Unbelievable team !!! Just weeks earlier I would have never thought that the nagging pain i was feeling would result in a total hip replacement and here I was feeling brand new and better than I had felt in years. It’s now been three months since my surgery and I was able to go to Brazil and had the time of my life. No pain, and walked miles and miles on the beach (and dancing in the club– thinking I was still 21). I had a great time. I owe Dr. DiFelice a huge THANK YOU ! I am still going to physical therapy two times a week, but I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am in great spirits and doing great…. way ahead of schedule. I thought it was pretty much over because I was 43 and needed a hip replacement. In fact it was just the blessing i needed. I think being younger helped my recovery and now I have a pretty good hip for the next 25-30 years. You can’t beat that. If you are debating having a hip replacement and need a surgeon Dr. DiFelice is the man to call. His team is best in class and he is freaking awesome. Even my scars healed to the point it can barely be seen. I may have said it a million times since my check-in’s… but Thank You Dr. DiFelice. I am so very grateful to you and your staff.

M. Simmonds

Knee Dislocation and Torn PCL

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. DiFelice. My knee injury was quite severe and I had seen two doctors prior who gave vastly different diagnoses and treatment plans. Dr. DiFelice clearly had significant limitations was extremely important to me–I could not imagine a life where I couldn’t routinely go to the gym or play recreational sports. Dr. DiFelice understood that, given his background, and was able to figure out a cautious and reasonable path to full recovery. I still have a little ways to go to get back to 100%, but he and I are both fully confident it will happen soon. Not only was he excellent with the surgery and the diagnosis, he is also very personable and easy to talk to. Always answers every question and makes an effort to understand my concerns. I could not be happier with my experience with him.

by Samuel M.
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